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Conventional Loan

Conventional Loan Requirements

  1. Credit- The minimum credit score requirement
  2. Occupancy- Conventional loans can be used to finance a primary residence, a second home, vacation property or a rental property. 
  3. Income- Income will be verified by reviewing recent pay check stubs, tax returns and W2s. 
  4. Debt-to-income ratio must not exceed 38-43%. 
  5. Assets- Bank and investment statements 
  6. Typically Rates from 3-4% for ARM and Fixed Program. 

The Lowest Rate in Town

Rate as low as 3.5% for 30 yr fixed based on

  • loan amount $400,000
  • FICO 740
  • single family
  • LTV < 70%

Hard Money Loan for Real Estate Investors


Purpose of the loan

Our Hard Money Loan Program is for real estate investors. It is for business purpose and is secured by investor's properties. Properties can be residential, commercial or even land. 

  • Cash Out Residential Loan up to LTV 65% 
  • Residential Purchase Loan up to LTV 70%
  • Land  up to LTV 50%
  • Commercial up to LTV 60%
  • Personal Guarantee Required 

Hard Money Rates

Hard Money Rates are case by case. Most of time, it will start from 8.5%


  • Attorney Loan Docs Preparation: $1,000
  • Appraisal Fee: $500-700
  • Title Insurance: based on loan amount
  • Escrow Fee: $575
  • Points: 2% 

How Fast We Can Close The Loan

Most of time, We can close the loan within 7-10 business Days

Service Area

Bay Area Investors for Bay Area Properties. 

  • San Jose, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Milpitas, San Mateo, San Francisco, Fremont, Newark, Pleasanton, Oakland and Surrounding Area.

Most Common Questions

How Fast Can You Close The Loan?


Most of the time, we can close qualified loans within 30 days & non qualified mortgage within 7-10 business days. 

Is My Investment Safe?

Any investment has risk. We will do our best to protect you. All of our paperwork will be prepared b

Any Investment has risk, but we will do our best to protect you. All the loan documents are prepared by our attorney. Title insurance will be purchased for all the transaction. 

Is My Name On The Deed?


Yes. Your name will be on the deed of trust & Note with other investors. So you will be the beneficiary of the loan.

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