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Up to LTV 70%

1-4 units 

Single Family

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Rental, Fix and Flips


Up to LTV 70%

1-4 units

Single Family

Town House




Up to LTV 65%

Office Building

Mixed Use

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Most Common Questions

How Fast Can You Close The Loan?


Most of the time, we can close qualified loans within 30 days & non qualified mortgage within 7-10 business days. 

Is My Investment Safe?

Any investment has risk. We will do our best to protect you. All of our paperwork will be prepared b

Any Investment has risk, but we will do our best to protect you. All the loan documents are prepared by our attorney. Title insurance will be purchased for all the transaction. 

Is My Name On The Deed?


Yes. Your name will be on the deed of trust & Note with other investors. So you will be the beneficiary of the loan.

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